Podcast: Phil Mickelson’s personal club builder reveals what it’s like working for Lefty

June 12, 2019
What's it like to build Phil Mickelson's golf clubs? Callaway's Gerritt Pon has the answers.

Phil Mickelson has his own private jet, personalized wedges, and apparel bearing a silhouette of his famed jump at the 2004 Masters. Very little of his life isn’t custom-made. So it should come as no surprise that the five-time major-winner has his own personal club builder as well.

For nearly a decade, Callaway senior club performance analyst Gerritt Pon has been Mickelson’s club guy. He’s built everything from the Phrankenwood Mickelson used at the 2013 Masters to fresh, 64-degree PM Grind lob wedges for major championships.

“A lot of the guys out there on Tour seem to like having one person have their hands on their clubs,” Pon said. “You build a relationship with the builder that way, and an understanding on how they build and measure.”

During a recent interview with GOLF.com Managing Editor of Equipment, Jonathan Wall, Pon discussed how he became a club builder, the late night equipment calls he’s fielded from Mickelson over the years, and what it’s like adjusting a club with Lefty peering over your shoulder.

“He’s literally right over my shoulder going, ‘Did you do it? Did you do it?'” Pon recalled of the first time he made a club tweak for Phil. “I’m trying to bend this thing, and at the time, [titanium] was sort of easy to break.”

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