Masters 2019: Fans lose their minds after Zach Johnson’s viral 13th-hole incident

April 12, 2019

We watch professional golf to be amazed. To be dazzled. To see world class athletes do incredible things with the golf ball. Things we never thought possible. And on Friday at the 2019 Masters, we saw 2007 Masters champ Zach Johnson hit one of those shots. Though it wasn’t quite what we had in mind.

It’s become part of Johnson’s routine to step up to the side of the golf ball, set the clubhead right next to the ball, take a practice swing, and then step into the ball and pull the trigger. He did that again on the 13th hole on Friday at Augusta, except it didn’t go quite as planned.

That’s right. Johnson’s practice swing came a *little* bit too close to the golf ball. He caught a knick of it, which sent the ball flying sideways and bouncing off the tee marker. There was no penalty because the ball was not yet in play, so ZJ re-teed and proceeded the hole as normal, but not without sparking a viral moment on social media first…

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