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Bud Light responds to Masters ‘Dilly, Dilly!’ ban

April 4, 2018

AUGUSTA, GA — You may have heard about golf’s first decree on “Dilly, dilly.”

Yes, the authoritarian leadership at Augusta National have banned Bud Light’s popular marketing phrase from being yelled on the grounds here at the Masters. Reports of the ban first surfaced Monday afternoon, and after speaking with Securitas Security guards Monday afternoon, “dilly, dilly” is definitely on the list of phrases they’ve been warned about.

Word has spread from the land of the green jackets to St. Louis, MO — where the phrase was likely originally conceived — and King John Barley IV has answered.

Sounds like Bud Light has a more visual trick up their sleeve. What’s the problem with yelling? Well, security guards are instructed to work under a one-strike policy at the Masters. Yell something derogatory toward a player, yell “dilly, dilly” at the top of your lungs, yell in a player’s backswing? You’ll be escorted off the grounds without a warning.

Dilly, dilly might be new, but this practice isn’t. According to one head of a security detail, three or four people are escorted off the grounds each year.