2019 Masters Highlights: Rewatch Tiger Woods’ best shots from an epic Sunday

April 12, 2020

Did I probably include too many shots from Tiger’s 2019 Masters final round? Sure, but so what? Tiger friggin’ Woods won the 2019 Masters. It was a historic moment in golf, so let’s go back and relive it all.

First shot, 1st hole

Unspectacular on the face of it, but this bullet-fade 3-wood set the tone for the day, especially considering Tiger’s previous struggles on pressure-packed first tee shots.


Second shot, 2nd hole

After a terrible drive, all sorts could have gone wrong here. But instead, a roping hook from Tiger put him back in the middle of the fairway.


Fourth shot, 2nd hole

A great lag putt here after an iffy third shot meant he walked away with a par on a hole he should have probably bogeyed.

Third shot, 3rd hole

First birdie of the day. Gotta include this one.


Second shot, 7th hole

Stuffs it into the difficult seventh. Butter cut.


Third shot, 8th hole

Probably less difficult than it looks, but sets up a nice up-and-down for back-to-back birdies.


Third shot, 9th hole

All time good putt here from a spot that’s almost a guaranteed three-putt.


Second shot, 11th hole

Shot of the day? Don’t go that far. But a brilliant, low, roping draw that erased a potentially round-killing tee shot.


First shot, 12th hole

My colleague Josh Berhow is going to get mad at me for including too many shots, but considering how many of his competitors made a mess of this hole earlier in the day, Tiger’s iron into the heart of the green here was a veteran move.


First shot, 15th hole

Absolutely hammers a hard cut down the right side of the 15th fairway, giving up a perfect look at the left pin which helps set up birdie.


First shot, 16th hole

This, right here, was the moment I actually believed Tiger Woods would win the 2019 Masters.


First shot, 17th hole

I’m sorry, Josh, but I’m including this one. I think drives like this are important. A lot could’ve gone wrong here, but instead Tiger stripes his trusty fade down the middle.

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