Tour pros, caddies play mini golf to support Blayne Barber’s caddie

April 12, 2018

It may come as no surprise that the PGA Tour is a tight-knit group, but it’s still impressive when that group of independent contractors come together to support one of their own.

That happened Tuesday night in Hilton Head, S.C., according to reporting by Rex Hoggard of Golf Channel. Players and caddies played a mini golf competition to help raise funds for Blayne Barber’s caddie, Cory Gilmer, who continues his recovery from a head injury suffered in January.

“Events like this is what really brings people together,” Barber told Hoggard. “You want to think the support would be good but to see it and see people support Cory. It’s been shocking. It’s just been overwhelming.”

Barber has been leading the way for Gilmer, but the mini golf event was organized by fellow caddie Jeff Johnson. According to Hoggard, the caddie team even beat the pros. You can find the full report here. To contribute to Gilmer’s cause, check out this GoFundMe page.