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Tiger Woods Posts Shirtless Santa Photo on Twitter

December 22, 2016

Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of our generation, posted a photo of himself dressed up as what he dubbed “Mac Daddy Santa” on Twitter.

The photo is below. There’s not much to say about it….except a lot of things.

First, he says his kids “love” this Christmas tradition. How exactly did something like this begin? Why did it involve dying his facial hair blonde? Is Tiger going back to the frosted tips look?

At the Hero World Challenge, Woods looked noticeably slimmed down from his previously bulked-up frame. We now can see Woods was hiding some absolute cannons underneath those Nike golf shirt sleeves. Unless! Unless, he’s doing that thing where you prop up your biceps while crossing your arms to make your arms look bigger. That seems like a possibility here.

Also, Woods is still rocking those extra-large Nike sunglasses, but at least they are solid black instead of the bright white frames from the Ryder Cup. One of the few bright spots of this photo. The all-black Oakland Raiders hat is a nice touch too.

It didn’t take long before Woods drew some jokes from the all-powerful Internet. The most powerful may have come from fellow pro Rory McIlroy:

As Woods turns 41 next week, perhaps this is the beginning of a lighter side of Woods. Hopefully more candid photos will follow.