Tiger Woods makes fun of New Jersey, Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show

October 7, 2019
Tiger Woods made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Sunday evening.

In my mind, Tiger Woods has for years been overrated as a comedian — but underrated as an actor. This is plenty understandable; Woods spends most of his time in extremely soft rooms where the simplest lines draw hearty laughter. He’s athlete funny.

But the guy can undoubtedly deliver a line. Everything from his old This is Sportscenter commercial to last year’s (admittedly clunky) series of Bridgestone ads reminds us that the guy is best when delivering in deadpan.

Anyway, at the risk of overselling a two-minute Tonight Show appearance, Woods dropped one killer line to Jimmy Fallon Sunday night. In a segment entitled “Jimmy Fallon and Tiger Woods go Golfing,” the two meet up at Liberty National. When Fallon discovers something buried in a greenside bunker, he tosses Woods an excited look.

“It’s Jersey. It’s probably a body,” Woods shoots back. Nailed it!

The segment is unlikely to win any awards. But seeing Woods in his red Nike polo delivering lines on a golf course is a step up from his last Fallon showing, when he came on alongside Rory McIlroy wearing a too-tight black schmedium t-shirt.

Anyway, give the clip a watch. Credit to Fallon and the Tonight Show team for getting Woods to shriek on camera — I doubt we’ll see that again soon.

As for Fallon’s golf game? He’s reportedly a better golfer than that opening 15 would indicate. One of the most fascinating group of golf buddies I’ve heard of was a standing foursome that used to exist Friday mornings at Bayonne. That foursome? Fallon, Samuel L. Jackson, Mario Batali and Michael J. Fox.

You can see Fallon’s full swing in some of the videos below, although it’s hard to get a handle on his actual handicap. Fallon, who is listed as a member of Deepdale Golf Club and Atlantic Golf Club, has no posted scores on his USGA page. Check out some other memorable golfer-on-Fallon moments below.