Tiger Woods talks about viral Presidents Cup hat-raise celebration

December 15, 2019

Tiger Woods walked away from the 2019 Presidents Cup with so many wins under his belt, it’s hard to keep track. He was captained the side, was the team’s best player, and orchestrated one of the best Presidents Cup mic-drop moments you’ll ever see.

The bar for this was actually surprisingly high, and set by none other than Tiger Woods himself with this all-time club twirl.

But on Sunday, he did one better.

After Abraham Ancer said it would be “great experience” to take on Tiger Woods in singles, Tiger showed up with some of his best golf — “He asked for it, and he got it,” Tiger said afterwards — and it culminated in a holed downhill right-to-left putt to seal the match 3&2.

Impressive in its own right, but notice how Tiger turns away and begins to lift his hat to shake Ancer’s hand before the ball even disappears into the hole.

Speaking about it afterwards, Tiger responded simply:

“Well, when it was about probably like six feet out—the match was over. I might have taken the hat off a little bit early, but it was over.”