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Tiger Woods fights back tears after emotional Presidents Cup win

December 15, 2019

Don’t call this one a meaningless exhibition. After a rollercoaster four days, Tiger Woods was moved to the verge of tears celebrating the U.S. team’s victory at the Presidents Cup on Sunday in Australia.

Woods joined Golf Channel shortly after Matt Kuchar secured the victory for the Americans, emotional after captaining the U.S. team to its 11th Presidents Cup victory in 13 tries.

“All my boys, they did it,” Woods squeaked through tears.

The U.S. team carried out a remarkable comeback, recovering after nearly falling down 9-1 to the Internationals midway through Day 2 to win the Presidents Cup 16-14. It was a comeback staged on the weekend, with the final day’s singles matches decidedly flipping the script in favor of the Americans.

“It’s been one of the more amazing challenges of my career,” Woods said. “All of the guys believed in one another, they relied upon one another as a team, and we did it together, as a team.”

Woods went 3-0 as a playing-captain, electing to sit out both Day 3 sessions in favor of his teammates. The move to sit out was initially met with some surprise — Woods had dominated both of his earlier matches and had clearly played at the highest level of any player on the U.S. side. But Woods was steadfast in his support of his teammates.

“I trust all my 11 guys. I trust them implicitly,” he said. “They went out there and got the points we needed. We fought. We made them earn every one of them.

“This Cup wasn’t going to be given to us,” he said. “We had to go earn it, and we did.”

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