Suspected drug smuggler busted with golf-club shafts loaded with cocaine

May 16, 2018

Golf-club shafts are often associated with speed.

But coke…? 

According to police in Western Australia, a suspected drug smuggler was nabbed at Perth Airport with a set of golf clubs allegedly loaded with a kilo of cocaine.

Police said they they noticed the man “acting strangely” while holding a set of clubs. When they checked his sticks, they found something surprising: the 55-year-old was allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine in the shafts.​ Police did not provide the make or model of the set, but did provide photos of one shaft cut open and another that had been x-rayed.

Over several months, police in Western Australia have been cracking down on drug smuggling. They’ve issued more than 700 charges and have made more than 80 arrests, seizing a litany of drugs in the process including methylamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, marijuana, ketamine, and LSD, according to ABC AU. Police also seized more than $600,000 in cash and 23 firearms.

Authorities sought to prevent meth going to the places where there were high rates of addiction and declared the operations had seen a successful outcome.