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Stacy Lewis pregnant with first child, thankful for KPMG support

April 27, 2018

Stacy Lewis had an idea of what was coming. She knew sponsorship contracts are written to pay out according to a number of tournaments played. Reach that minimum number and you’re paid in full. Fall short and you’ll earn just a percentage of the contract.

Simply put, it made her first pregnancy — which her family announced Thursday — seem much more expensive. But according to a report from Beth Ann Nichols of Golfweek, Lewis remains in good shape thanks to (at least) one of those sponsors.

“(KPMG) called me a couple days later and said they wanted to pay me for the whole contract, regardless of the number of tournaments I played in,” Lewis told Nichols. “They see me as a member of their team and their family and they wanted to treat me like any other female in their organization that has a baby. Which I was pretty blown away by, shocked to get that phone call really.”

It’s a cliché to say, but moments like this serve as a reminder that professional golfers are independent contractors, making money from playing competitive golf. Step away from the tee and you’re bound to step away from the money. Thankfully for Lewis, that won’t be as difficult a step.

As Nichols reports, Lewis has several other sponsors that may follow suit. She is due to give birth in early November, which will allow her to play into July. Yep, she’s already thinking about earning enough Solheim Cup points so she can compete as a new mother in the September, 2019 event. Check out the entire Golfweek article here.