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American Angel Yin is still waiting for her lost clubs three days before the Solheim Cup

September 10, 2019

For any golf competition, there’s one thing you truly cannot do without: golf clubs. But three days away from the start of the 2019 Solheim Cup, U.S. team member Angel Yin doesn’t have any clubs, through no fault of her own.

Yin arrived in Scotland on Sunday with the rest of her teammates. But the airline Yin flew to Scotland, Aer Lingus, lost her clubs along the way. And Yin wasn’t alone. Aer Lingus is also responsible for misplacing the clubs of Europe member Jodi Ewart Shadoff.

But on Tuesday at Gleneagles, where the tournament will be held later this week, Shadoff was reunited with her clubs and was finally able to fill her empty Solheim Cup golf bag with her preferred sticks.

That’s great news for Shadoff and the European Solheim Cup team, as the Solheim Cup veteran practiced with her team and her trusty clubs, but what about Yin and the Americans?

By Tuesday Yin’s missing clubs went from a frustrating inconvenience to a serious problem. In her pre-tournament press conference on Tuesday, Yin confirmed that she was unable to take part in the morning practice round, putting her and her team at a serious disadvantage.

“I haven’t been practicing,” Yin told reporters at Gleneagles, “but I’ve been walking the course, making my preparations so when I get my clubs I will be ready to go out and play a practice round, practice and do everything that I need to do to prepare for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There are only two days left for practice before the competition begins, so Yin’s chances to prepare on the Gleneagles PGA Centenary course, which previously hosted the 2014 Ryder Cup, are quickly dwindling.

Her golf bag wasn’t the only luggage of Yin’s that Aer Lingus misplaced. They also lost a suitcase full of her street clothes, forcing her to scavenge for things to wear from her teammates.

“So, I’ve just been stripping clothes off our teammates,” Yin joked on Tuesday. “I’d be like, I like that. Can I have? No, but you can wear. I’m, like, okay, thank you. It’s been like that.”

Yin drew more laughter out of reporters at Gleneagles when a reporter suggested she wasn’t the only one without clubs at the event. Yin corrected the record, reminding the reporter that the other player to lose her clubs, Shadoff, already got them back.

“I’m currently the only one. So I’ve won this race. This is good. This is a good sign for…” Yin said, before teammate Morgan Pressel interrupted with an assist.

“Win for Team USA,” Pressel said, to which Yin responded, “Team USA won this one. Victory, 1-0.”

The Americans are trying to win their second straight Solheim Cup after their 16.5-11.5 victory over Europe in 2017 in Iowa. Both Yin and Shadoff took part in that Solheim Cup as well.

If the U.S. team is going to win again this week, they will also have to overcome the loss of veteran Stacy Lewis who was forced to withdraw Tuesday due to a back injury. Lewis was placed by rookie Ally McDonald, raising the number of rookies on the American team to six.

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