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Golf’s roast master Max Homa is back to roast your on-course attire

April 13, 2020

Max Homa has become a cult hero for golf Twitter over the past year. Since his victory at the Wells Fargo Championship last May, Homa’s Twitter following has exploded, bolstered by his swing roastings that he dishes out to eager followers.

Now the budding star is using his platform to encourage his followers to continue their social distancing measures through a social partnership with TravisMathew called the #stayHOMA challenge. And he’s doing it in the way he knows best — through roasts.

“I know you guys are probably just as bored as I am with this whole quarantine life,” Homa said in an Instagram post announcing the challenge. “TravisMathew has had an awesome idea for us to partner for an outfit roast.”

The premise is simple: send in your zaniest outfit you would wear on the golf course, tag Max Homa and TravisMathew, and use the hashtag #stayHoma.

“We will be picking a winner. There are five gift cards at $100,” Homa said. “If you win you will get one of those.”

The campaign went live today and will continue throughout the week with Homa roasting outfits of his choosing every day. The winners will be selected on TravisMathew’s Instagram Live on Saturday with Homa being joined by Chet Donnelly.

So gather up your wackiest, goofiest golf outfits. You might end up getting roasted by golf’s premier roast master (and get some cash in return).

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