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The Sims-Koepka family on Halloween, Rahm at the World Series and McIlroy's TGL announcement

The Sims-Koepka family on Halloween, Rahm at the World Series and McIlroy's TGL announcement

Jena Sims, Getty Images, Boston Common Golf

Hello folks, and welcome back to the Rogers Report! Between keeping up on all things Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the pros’ Halloween costumes and, oh yeah, an incredible trip to St. Andrews (more on that coming soon!), I’ve been busy lately. But definitely not as busy as the Davis family.

Anna and Billy Davis

Nelly and Jessica Korda. Minjee and Min Woo Lee. Brooks and Chase Koepka. Move over, overachieving golf siblings, there’s another duo in town. And they’re twins. Surely, you remember Anna Davis, the teenage phenom who won the 2022 Augusta National Women’s Amateur in a bucket hat.

Anna’s twin brother, Billy, Monday-qualified for the World Wide Technology Championship and is making his Tour debut this week. It’s good to see him keeping up with his twin sister, who made her LPGA Tour debut last year. And here’s your friendly reminder that the Davis twins are just 17 years old.

The sibs both played in the Junior Ryder Cup in Italy earlier this fall.

Anna and Billy Davis at the 2023 Junior Ryder Cup. Getty Images

What’s in the water at the Davis household? And how can I get some of it to the Rogers household ASAP? We’re playing in a Turkey Shootout the day before Thanksgiving, and we need all the help we can get.

Halloween costumes

Halloween has come and gone, but the social posts of golf fans and professional golfers in costumes will live forever. Let’s start out with some fan favorites. I’ve put Patrick Mahomes in this category because although he’s a professional athlete, he’s not a professional golfer. Also, he’s a fan of golf and dressed accordingly on Halloween so that’s how I landed here. Anyway, I adore this family costume. You can’t go wrong with the Masters caddie look. It’s sleek, easy enough and the personalized bags and flag on his new backyard par-3 are an incredible touch. Extra points to the Patrick and Brittany for their Masters-green shoes

Next up we have the two most adorable costumes I came across during my Halloween scrolling.

And to round up the fan portion of this segment, check out these creative costumes.

I have to assume this guy went into the Masters with his Halloween costume in mind. Extra points for thinking six months ahead. Casual golf fans might simply think he dressed up as a patron, but the real ones know about the gnome, and just how quickly they fly off the shelves at the Merchandise Shop at Augusta National.

Finally, shout out to this Max Homa (and GOLF) fan who perfectly executed our recent cover with him.

The beard. The logo placements. It’s all perfect.

Finally, we have a gal who perfectly replicated Min Woo Lee’s Masters invitation post. There’s nothing I love more than a niche Halloween costume, and you have to be an extremely active on golf social media to even think of this costume.

A Halloween costume of Min Woo Lee’s Masters invitation video. Schulze_e on Instagram

POV : watching me open my Masters Invite 💚🌺

♬ original sound – Min Woo Lee

Okay, on to the pros. Before we get into who wore what this year, let’s take a moment to appreciate Tiger Woods and how he celebrated Halloween in 1998.

I simply cannot wrap my mind around this. The closest thing I can compare this to is guys going all out on the first tee at the Zurich Classic, or the time Justin Thomas made Kevin Kisner wear an Alabama jersey at the Sony Open. The fact that Tiger was willing to do this is mind-boggling, although maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised after seeing his Mac Daddy Santa costume a few years ago. Either way, I’m extremely happy that video footage of this exists.

Next up we have Xander Schauffele, who had a joined Halloween birthday party with his brother, Nico.

The Schauffele brothers’ Halloween birthday party. Maya Schauffele

It’s safe to say they went all out. Also in the mix: Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka, who celebrated their first Halloween as parents, which allowed for the perfect costume.

Speaking of having kids, there’s nothing like having a big family to really go all-out with on Halloween, which is exactly what the Finau family did with their Power Rangers costumes.

The Finau family on Halloween. Finau Fresh on Instagram

The only thing more impressive than Layna and Tony getting all five kids in costume and ready for that photo shoot is the fact that Tony Finau was absolutely striping it on the simulator on the same day.

It’s not often that we get to see Finau’s full backswing, so this was quite the Halloween treat. The Kaufmans, Horschels, Lowrys, Homas and Donalds (whose love for matching family costumes is documented here) all had spectacular Halloween ‘fits as well.

Camilo Villegas’ son even got his hands on the Ryder Cup on Halloween.

I’d like to preface what I’m about to say with the fact that these families all did great on Halloween. The costumes are great, and I’m sure everyone had fun. That’s what matters most. It’s not a contest. But if it was, the Hadwin family would blow everyone out of the water. They reenacted the scene from Sunday at the Canadian Open when Adam Hadwin was mistaken for a fan and was tackled to the ground by a security guard as he approached his pal Nick Taylor after his win.

Here’s the moment again if any of you forgot.

I’d expect nothing less from Jessica Hadwin, the funniest golf gal on the internet.

Finally, Jon Rahm wasn’t technically in costume, but he did show up to the World Series to throw out the first pitch in his green jacket, and unfortunately for the rest of us, a real green jacket beats any and every other costume on Halloween.

Shipping up to Boston

I’m still learning all about the TGL, but my interest was piqued when I saw that the Boston team roster was released. As a gal who lives in Boston and went to school here, I’m very excited that some of my favorite golfers will be representing this city.

As I watched this announcement video, I was stopped in my tracks at the 49-second mark. Did this hype video just give us a glimpse into Rory’s trophy room? Let’s take a look.

Rory McIlroy in a TGL announcement video Boston Common Golf

As far as home decor goes, this room is pretty great. We’ve got a pool table, the Dubai Desert Classic trophy in the window, a couple Jack Nicklaus Player of the Year trophies and a whole lot more as well. It looks like it could serve as a golf-trophy version of the game “Guess Who?”

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