Pro misses putt — then yells at himself for 40 seconds, throws ball in water

Dylan Wu

Dylan Wu lines up his par putt on Sunday on the 10th hole at TPC Deere Run.

So bad this week. 

Absolutely freaking awful the entire week. 

Literally awful freaking putting, dude. 

But seriously, Dylan Wu, tell us how you really feel. 

We kid, of course. To be honest, we appreciate being let in on your inner monologue after a short missed putt during Sunday’s final round of the John Deere Classic. No, it wasn’t flowery. But it was sincere, and we like that. Over about 40 seconds on the par-5 10th at TPC Deere Run, we heard it all. 

“Wu giving a little self-analysis of his putting this week,” the announcer on PGA Tour Live said. 

Indeed. The sequence began after Wu was home in two, missed his eagle putt 6 feet to the left of the hole, then missed the birdie effort, too. He pounded his putter head into the green, and we’ll turn it over to him from here.   


Wu circles around the hole to putt for par. 

“So bad this week.”

“Absolutely freaking awful the entire week.” 

Wu stands behind his ball, then picks something up from the green and puts it in his pocket. 

“Literally awful freaking putting, dude. 

jt poston
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By: Sean Zak

Wu puts his mark behind his ball. 

“So bad.”

Wu lines up his ball. 

“Can’t hit anything with good speed.”

“So freaking horrible.”

Wu stands over his ball, makes the putt, then reaches for his ball from the cup with his left hand, rises and tosses his ball into the water to the right of the green. 

“As Wu throws his ball in the water, he doesn’t want any part of that any more,” the announcer on the PGA Tour Live broadcast said. 

Wu walks off the green. 

He’s not done, though. 

“Not even close,” he says. 

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