Power couple Brandel and Bailey Chamblee analyze each other’s style

January 11, 2018

She brightens the Golf Channel with her smarts and beauty, he jabs Tour players with his on-point analysis. Their takes on each other? Wedded bliss.

BRANDEL: My style? Probably too young for me.

BAILEY: I’d call mine “eclectic.”

BRANDEL: I think you mean “expensive.” [Laughs]

BAILEY: I’ll often come out of the bedroom—you know, when he’s pickin’ me up for date night—and he’ll laugh!

BRANDEL: You have so many looks—one day it’s hippie chic and the next day it’s glam. Like you said, eclectic.

BAILEY: He’s the one with all the clothes. But I like his looks— very sophisticated, very suave. Very James Bond. Clearly, it works for me. [Laughs] I find it attractive.

BRANDEL: Likewise. You know, Bailey is beautiful. She’s elegant and looks good in everything. Anytime we’re shopping and she tries something on it’s like, “How can we not get that? You look fabulous!”

BAILEY: Before we started dating, your pants didn’t fit. So baggy!

BRANDEL: Zanellas. Pleated and loose. We all wore them.

BAILEY: And now you dress impeccably. Coincidence? I think not.

BRANDEL: You’ve been a fine influence.

BAILEY: I would say, right?

BRANDEL: Yes, Bailey.

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