Mickelson’s mom makes guest appearance on latest edition of ‘Phireside with Phil’ with epic Lefty story

June 30, 2019

Two weeks after releasing the first episode of his new social media show titled “Phireside with Phil”, Phil Mickelson returned with a new video in the series on Saturday. And this time, he had a guest: his mother Mary.

Being Lefty’s mother and his first guest on the show, Mary shared an epic story about her son from Thanksgiving Day in 1985. Mary was getting Thanksgiving dinner ready for 30 people at the Mickelson household when Phil, 15 years old at the time, asked her to drive him to the golf course. Mary refused, so Phil paid the next-door neighbor to drive him instead.

Having gone missing from the Thanksgiving festivities for several hours, Phil’s parents left the company they were hosting and dinner they had just cooked to track down Phil at the golf course. When Phil saw them approaching in a golf cart, Mickelson tipped his cap and shook hands to the group he was playing with. He knew he was in big trouble and had to get out of there.

Not a word was said between Phil and his parents on the car ride back home. But when they get out of the car, and with his mother glaring at him, Phil delivered an epic line before she could say anything.

“Mom, everyday I don’t practice is another day until I’m great,” Lefty said. Mary was so impressed that young Phil wasn’t punished for his actions. Watch the video for yourself here.

It’s having that attitude which has led Phil to win five major championships and 44 PGA Tour wins in his career. But of course, Phil couldn’t close out the video without a joke that left even his own mother shaking her head.

“Until next time, let’s hit bombs, attack pins and showcase those calves.”

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