Phil Mickelson celebrates Jon Rahm’s U.S. Open win with Kelley Rahm

phil mickelson kelley rahm

Kelley Rahm and Phil Mickelson formed Jon Rahm's inner-circle at the U.S. Open.


As Jon Rahm closed in on his first major championship at the U.S. Open, so too closed his inner circle. Gone were agents, swing coaches, managers, caddies and family members. In fact, just three people joined Rahm on the driving range as he attempted to stay warm in the waning moments of Louis Oosthuizen’s failed comeback bid.

Two of them shared his last name. One was too tiny to remember the occasion. And the other was Phil Mickelson.

Yes, as Jon Rahm closed in on his first win at the U.S. Open, the pro in closest proximity to him was perhaps the greatest golfer ever not to win a U.S. Open.

As Rahm grinded away on the range, Phil sat comfortably next to Jon’s wife, Kelley, who held the couple’s months-old son, Kepa, in her arms. Mickelson seemed sanguine — wearing a light, Alo hoodie, joggers, and a relaxed smile.

After Rahm completed his round, Lefty took to Twitter to sing the praises of his friend.

Of course, keen golf fans quickly remembered the history between the two former Arizona State Sun Devils. Rahm and Mickelson go way back, sharing one of the closest bonds of two pros on Tour. After Mickelson won the PGA Championship in May, Rahm was among the first people to celebrate, coming out to join the 50-year-old off the 18th green.

Rahm and Mickelson met during the former’s college years, and the latter subsequently wagered several of his friends that Rahm would one day ascend to be one of the top 10 players on in the world.

“[Phil] never came and told me, ‘Hey, I got this bet, you got to get it done,’” Rahm remembered at the Memorial Tournament. “I heard from other people that was a bet. And for somebody who just turned pro, it’s a huge boost.”

Rahm made good on his end of the bargain, eventually ascending to the World No. 1 ranking in 2020, and then again with his victory at Torrey Pines on Sunday.

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