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PGA Tour caddie posts mesmerizing photo of 24 years of yardage books

June 29, 2019

Caddies, they’re just like us!

PGA Tour caddies have interesting lives, most of which are spent on the road. Even though they enjoy incredible behind-the-scenes access to the game’s greatest players, you’d think they have little time to collect much in the way of sentimental items. (After all, traveling light is sort of their M.O., on and off the course.) But John Wood, who loops for Matt Kuchar and also contributes to GOLF.com, unveiled a 24-year-old collection of yardage books on Twitter Friday afternoon. It’s hard to imagine that rows of pocket-sized handouts could form a compelling photograph, but it’s a cool shot. Here’s Wood:

We won’t call “Hoarders” on him just yet – after all, these probably fit in a single, small box. But the image does remind us that caddies can can pick up some cool mementos, too.