Mardy Fish has a standing Tahoe tee time with a family of basketball royalty

Mardy Fish is a regular in the celebrity golf circuit. He’s won both the Diamond Resorts Invitational and American Century Championship, and he’s picked up some famous friends along the way.

Fish, a former tennis star, was the guest on this week’s GOLF Subpar Podcast, and he talked about his rise to fame, Netflix documentary, post-tennis career in golf and more.

Now a mainstay at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, which he won in 2020, Fish said the players’ mutual love for golf has brought them together to form friendships, ones that wouldn’t have happened if not for a golf tournament.

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Now he says he has a standing 12:05 p.m. Wednesday tee time with Dell Curry, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry during American Century Championship week, and he’s even gotten close to boxer Canelo Alvarez.

“That’s the thing about those events, it’s like, I would never cross paths with Canelo Alvarez, ever,” said Fish, who played at a plus-2 handicap for the American Century Championship over the summer. “I’m a fan of his, and I love combat sports and I’m a huge fan of Canelo Alvarez, pound for pound the best boxer in the world, right? But I would never cross paths with Canelo. And he played the tournament in Tahoe and is the sweetest guy ever outside the ring. And he loves golf. We’ve made those friendships.

“Of course everyone is a fan of Steph,” Fish continued. “He’s a great golfer and a great dude and a great family man and just has the values you want in a friend. I would never cross paths with Steph. He doesn’t know who I am. How would I ever meet that guy? But sure enough Tahoe and the American Century, those guys do such an unbelievable job that week of the year.”

You can check out Fish’s full Subpar interview below.

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