The downside of playing pro golf? Lydia Ko dishes honest answer

At only 26, Lydia Ko already has etched her name in the record books — many times over.

Ko’s resume includes two major titles and 28 total wins, paired with 125 weeks as the No. 1-ranked player in the world (she’s currently No. 7), leaving her just one point shy of qualifying for the Hall of Fame.

Ko recently joined hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on GOLF’s Subpar podcast to discuss her impressive accomplishments, and opened up about her feelings on earning her way into the Hall of Fame.

Lydia Ko hits a bunker shot
Lydia Ko was asked how she approaches bunker shots. She gave a detailed — and helpful! — explanation
By: Jessica Marksbury

“Not many ladies that you know are in the Hall of Fame,” she said. “So to think that I could potentially be one of those names is a huge honor.”

Not players are Hall of Fame eligible at such a young age, but not many players pick up their first LPGA victory at 15, either, as Ko did in 2012.

It’s been a good run, if not always glamorous and stress-free. When Knost asked Ko her least favorite part of playing professional golf, she gave an honest and revealing answer.

“Just playing every day, you face a result. Every day, you’re under the scrutiny,” she said. “It’s just very result bias, whether it’s a practice day or a tournament day. Depending on how your round went, that is a complete evaluation of what your performance was like.

lydia ko
Lydia Ko was asked about her game. Her 5-minute answer got emotional
By: Sean Zak

“There’s no real lying about how good it was or how bad it was. Just always being in that position of being evaluated, I think it’s difficult.”

Ko added it’s key to stay as balanced as possible — whether on the golf course or in other walks of life.

“We all have our ups and downs and try to manage it, making sure that the roller coaster isn’t too high and low,” she said.

For more insight from Lydia Ko, check out the full Subpar episode below.

Nick Dimengo Editor