What did Lexi Thompson say after this over-zealous ‘fore’ shout?

September 15, 2019

Lexi Thompson plays with her heart on her sleeve and lays it all on the line. She’s a fiery, emotional player, which in many ways is the key to her success. On Saturday at the Solheim Cup, that passion came through in rather amusing fashion.

On the tee at Gleneagles‘ short, 237-yard 14th hole, Lexi hung what looked to be a 2-iron out to the right. It was a draw that didn’t draw, and now was heading just right of the green.

That’s when someone nearby let out a rather exuberant “Fore!” shout. It caught everyone by surprise — including Thompson, who spun around and unloaded some choice words: “Jesus, it’s not that bad.”

It turned into a slightly divisive moment on Twitter. Some fans thought Thompson’s response was a funny, relatable reaction; others viewed it as a sign of arrogance and fragile ego.