Kevin Kisner has hilarious story about Max Homa becoming a dad

Ahead of the QBE Shootout, Kevin Kisner told a hilarious story about the night Max Homa's son, Cam, was born.

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They say the day you become a parent is the happiest day of a person’s life. And while that’s likely true for Max Homa, who welcomed his son Cam into the world in late October, he’s also got a funny story to go with it.

On the night of Cam’s birth, Homa’s phone was blowing up — but it wasn’t from well-wishers celebrating his becoming a parent. Instead, it was a series of calls from Presidents Cup teammate Kevin Kisner.

“I kept FaceTimeing him on a Saturday [and] he wouldn’t answer,” Kisner said ahead of this week’s QBE Shootout. “And I was getting pissed and I didn’t know why he wasn’t answering.”

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As it turns out, Homa was in the hospital with his wife as she was going through labor.

“Kev’s like, ‘Hey, my buddy’s got something to say,'” Homa recalled. “And he’s telling me I’m cheap because I got Elijah Craig as a gift for the Presidents Cup team members. I was like, ‘Hey, so I’m like currently watching Lacey push. How about we wait until tomorrow?'”

Kisner, a father of two, finally understood why his calls were going unanswered.

“I was like, ‘Oh, that’s why you haven’t answered,'” Kisner said.

Homa and Kisner appeared on the Presidents Cup team together back in September as the Americans won at Quail Hollow 17.5-12.5. The experience served not only as feathers in the caps for both Americans, but also provided valuable bonding time as well.

“I had a good time watching Max be so excited to be on the team and represent the country, and for him to shine, like he played incredible up there all week so that was cool,” Kisner said. “Then to see his wife was nine months pregnant and see how excited he was about being a dad.”

Homa and Kisner are pairing up this week for the first time in the QBE Shootout. The duo is set to tee off at 11 a.m. ET on Friday alongside Denny McCarthy and Nelly Korda.


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