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Swing Study: 3 things you can learn from Justin Thomas’ ultra-powerful golf swing

January 6, 2020

Justin Thomas is the 2020 Sentry Tournament of Champions winner — not without a little bit of drama along the way. But nevertheless, it marks a good opportunity for us to take another close look at his swing, to see what we can learn to improve from our own games.

For that we have none other than GOLF Top 100 Teacher Tony Ruggiero to provide a quick rundown. Check out the video above, or read below for more.

1. Turn Into Right Hip

A lot of people think turn and start swaying, says Ruggiero. But notice how JT turns: A massive shoulder turn, but he does it while turning deeper into his right hip. There’s no sway here.

2. Maintain Balance

Justin’s fundamentals are spot on, the product of having a PGA Instructor as his father and coach, Ruggiero says. Crucially, Thomas creates a wide, balanced stance at address and maintains it throughout the shot, with every club. Balance is important at every level, and is one of the biggest takeaways from JT’s swing, Ruggiero says.

3. Use The Ground

The most eye-catching element of Thomas’ swing is his jump at impact. It’s the result of him pushing up off the ground through the ball as he whips the club through. He’s using the ground as leverage to swing the club faster, Ruggiero says, but he always maintains balance.