Jordan Spieth pranked caddie Michael Greller? And Greller had to hitchhike? (Yes)

Jordan Spieth, Michael Greller

Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller last month at the Sentry event.

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Michael Greller jokes at first. He’s standing around on the range with his boss, Jordan Spieth, and the gang from No Laying Up, when NLU’s Chris Solomon wondered when the caddie’s been most upset with his player. There had to be a moment, especially from a duo as dynamic as Spieth and Greller.  

He deadpans his answer. 

“Most upset?” Greller repeated. “I’ve never been mad at Jordan. 

“He always listens to me.”

But yeah, he had a time. It featured his wife, Ellie. 

And a car. 

And a thumb. 

It’s here where we must tell you to watch the entire video with Spieth, Greller and the No Laying Up crew, published Thursday, and you can do so here. It’s good. It’s engaging. There is back-and-forth on golf. Football. Player-caddie inner-workings. Go, go, go. Watch. We’ll wait. 

OK, here’s Greller’s story. We’ll add just notes. 

The moment happened in 2017, at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, notably where Spieth and Greller are this week. They had just finished their second round, at Spyglass Hill, where Spieth shot a 65 on his way to an eventual win. Greller said Spieth was flying high. Excited. They took Spieth’s car, a minivan, back to Pebble Beach. Ellie was with them, in the front seat, and Greller was in the back. 

The minivan’s back door was open. Spieth asked Greller to jump out and close it. He did. 

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“So I go back, I close it,” he said, “Jordan just takes off and starts driving.”

Was Spieth gonna pull the ole start-and-stop gag? Maybe. Greller said he ran up to the car, about 100 yards away. 

“I get close,” Greller said, “he goes again — then he just takes off. 

“And literally left me.”

Said Spieth: “Ellie had no idea what to do because she wasn’t going to, like, speak up to me for whatever reason and then she was also like, are you serious, you’re not going to go back?”

There’s more. Greller had to get back. But he had no phone. 

He said he hitchhiked. 

“I literally had my thumb out and some random person brought me back to Pebble, and then I couldn’t find my wife,” Greller said on the video. “I was actually more mad at Ellie. Like Ellie, how did you let him just take off on me? So Ellie had gone home and I had to borrow a caddie’s phone, call Ellie, and she came back and got me about 45 minutes later. 

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“So that would be up there for most upset I’ve been with Jordan.”


Here, Solomon was curious again, appropriately. 

“Are you pranking him all the time or …”

“Occasionally,” Spieth said. 

“But normally it’s like little things like, you know, on the range or whatever.”

Editor’s note: To watch the No Laying Up video with Spieth and Greller, please click here. Or scroll below.   

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