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John Daly claims Trump doesn’t cheat at golf (but that another president does)

August 14, 2019

President Donald Trump’s conduct on the golf course has made many headlines since he took office in 2016, with several of his past playing partners (Suzann Pettersen, Samuel L. Jackson, and Oscar De La Hoya, to name a few) alleging that the President has a somewhat lax attitude when it comes to following the Rules of Golf.

But after playing a round with the President earlier this week, one well-known pro is coming to the Commander in Chief’s defense. John Daly, who played alongside President Trump at his course in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Monday, participated in a FaceTime interview with TMZ on Tuesday to recap his round.

Daly was effusive in his praise of the President’s game. “He can hit it,” he said. “We gotta work on his short game a little bit, but he hits his driver and 3-wood absolutely perfect. He doesn’t miss many fairways. He’s a good 8, 9-handicap.”

“You know, it’s funny how all these people say, does he cheat?” Daly continued. “When he goes out and plays and hits a bad shot, he might hit a mulligan. But he doesn’t count it when we’re playing a match. We don’t even really keep score. He plays match play a lot when he plays with his friends.”

Daly told TMZ that he and Trump won their match 3 up. But then Daly once again addressed the cheating allegations that have dogged Trump over the last several years.

“It’s just amazing that people call him a cheat in golf,” Daly said. “If you want to call a cheat in golf, I’ll tell you, Bill Clinton, he took a mulligan on putts, chips, when I played with him. I don’t think Bill Clinton could of broke 100. At least the President, Mr. Trump, he can shoot 80. Seventy-eight to 84, probably.”

John Daly isn’t the only high-profile player to play a round with the President. Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Lexi Thompson have also teed it up with Trump in recent months.

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