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Jack Nicklaus Pays Tribute to Verne Lundquist with ‘Yes, Sir!’ Call

December 4, 2016

Legendary CBS and SEC broadcast Verne Lundquist called his final college football game Saturday between Alabama and Florida, and the tributes rolled in.

One of our favorites? This well-wishing from Jack Nicklaus, subject of one of the most famous calls in golf history, the ‘Yes, sir!’ putt of the 1986 Masters.

“Verne, you’ve been a great friend for a long time,” Nicklaus says. “You’ve been great for golf and great for college football. Glad you came our way.”

Nicklaus ends with his own resounding, “Yes, sir!”

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Though Lundquist is leaving the booth after 17 years with CBS, he’s still set to be a part of the network’s coverage of major events in college basketball and golf.

While there will never be another Lundquist call like the 1986 Masters, at least in golf, we’ll look forward to any opportunity we have to hear him again.