Here’s the insane amount of money up for grabs at the Tour Championship

The PGA Tour is set to hand out an insane amount of money at the Tour Championship, with the winner taking home $18 million.

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All 30 players at this week’s Tour Championship should be thrilled with how their seasons played out. Not only did they survive until the last event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs, signifying a rock-solid year on the course, but they’re also in line for a huge payout by week’s end.

Rory McIlroy addressed the media ahead of the Tour Championship.
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By: Dylan Dethier

The total bonus pool for the 2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs is $75 million, and a whopping $18 million of that will go to the winner of this week’s Tour Championship. But even for those who don’t take home the Tour’s season-long crown, things in Atlanta will still be pretty sweet.

Second place is in line for $6.5 million while third takes home a cool $5 million. In fact, every player in the top 10 will receive a seven-figure check. And even if you go down to the bottom of the leaderboard, there’s not likely to be many frowning faces as last place in the field still earns $500,000. Not too shabby for a week on the golf course.

Check out the FedEx Cup bonus breakdown for each finisher at East Lake below.

FedEx Cup payout breakdown

1st: $18 million
2nd: $6.5 million
3rd: $5 million
4th: $4 million
5th: $3 million
6th: $2.5 million
7th: $2 million
8th: $1.5 million
9th: $1.25 million
10th: $1 million
11th: $950,000
12th: $900,000
13th: $850,000
14th: $800,000
15th: $760,000
16th: $720,000
17th: $700,000
18th: $680,000
19th: $660,000
20th: $640,000
21st: $620,000
22nd: $600,000
23rd: $580,000
24th: $565,000
25th: $550,000
26th: $540,000
27th: $530,000
28th: $520,000
29th: $510,000
30th: $500,000


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