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Top 100 Teacher: These are the 3 most important things to learn if you want to break 80

September 4, 2019

The quest to break 80 is one of the most exciting, frustrating, and addicting challenges in all of golf. To break that barrier consistently, you need more than hard work. You need to work on the right things. You need to work smart.

Here to help you do that is GOLF Top 100 Teacher Tony Ruggiero.

Ruggiero is the PGA Tour coach to Lucas Glover, among others, and stopped by the GOLF.com office recently to share some advice on what all those breaking 80 hopefuls need to focus on in order to take the next step.

1. Look At Your Grip

Tony says that nailing-down your fundamentals — especially the golf grip — is of utmost importance for players trying to get down to single digits. And he’s right: According to recent research, 40 percent of golfers who shoot between 80 to 90 often have a golf grip that’s mis-matched to their body. Often times, it’s their lead hand grip that’s too weak, which causes clubface issues later in their swing.

“A good grip that will allow your clubface to remain square during the golf swing is imperative if you want to learn to control the golf ball, hit the ball solid and break 80,” Ruggiero says.

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2. Neutralize Your Swing Plane

Once your grip is matched-up to your body, focus on your swing plane and club path, Tony says. It doesn’t need to be perfectly on-plane or zeroed-out, but it has to be in a relatively manageable spot.

“It can swing a little inside or a little outside, but you want it to basically conform to the plane,” Ruggiero says.

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3. Develop Your Pivot

Your pivot — or your turn — is the third and final thing you need to work on if you hope to break the 80 scoring barrier. You want to make sure that your weight isn’t shifting too much or too little on your backswing, and that your weight is transferring effectively throughout your entire movement.

“You want your upper body to wind up over your lower body, into your rear leg, and then you want your lower body and upper body to unwind and deliver the club to the low point in front of the ball,” Ruggiero says.

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You can find lots of tips on how to do all this right here, and in the meantime, watch Tony’s full video below:

3 Keys To Break 80

You have to remember grip, plane and pivot if you want to finally break 80.

Posted by GOLF.com on Monday, September 2, 2019

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