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He’s baaaack: Massive gator captured on video during morning golf course stroll

February 16, 2018

He’s baaaaack

Call it the Return of the Reptile, because Florida’s most famous four-legged monstrosity is back — and bigger than ever.

The gator, who calls Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Parrish, Fla., home, drew national attention in 2016 when he was captured on video trekking across the course. The attention even leading to an uptick in rounds played at the golf course, general manager Ryan Henderson told the Bradenton Herald.

A video taken Wednesday by a maintenance worker at the course showed the same creature crossing a fairway, this time flanked by an army of vultures.

Former Buffalo Creek general manager Ken Powell originally dubbed the gator the “Boss of the Moss,” before a fan vote on social media named him “Chubbs” for the Happy Gilmore gator.

“It’s the same gator that’s been out here for 25 years,” Henderson said. “He’s very slow moving. He doesn’t go very far before he has to stop and take a breather. That video was top speed.”

The size of the alligator has been estimated at 15 feet, although Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission public information coordinator Melody Kilborn cast some doubt on that measurement. “There are no official measurements of a 15-foot alligator,” she told the Herald.