WATCH: This kid’s backyard hole-in-one is great, but his reaction is even better

April 4, 2020

There is a feeling of accomplishment. Then a feeling of ‘I can’t believe I actually pulled this off.’ And finally a feeling of ‘Holy smokes, I GOTTA TELL SOMEBODY.’ All of it in about a second.

Leon of Huddersfield, England, you may have just started playing golf, but your hole-in-one celebration is already at a professional level.

Leon’s dad, Chris Calvert, had set up a makeshift, 30-yard hole in his backyard as the coronavirus has forced people across the globe to stay at home. Dad said that he cut down an old club for Leon; a few days earlier, he tweeted a photo of Leon holding a full-length club, along with a comment to pro Tommy Fleetwood asking for advice on clubs for kids. Leon had taken a few swings at the hole — a yellow bucket — but had come up short, long, left or right.

Until Saturday.

With dad secretly videotaping in the house, Leon picks up a ball from a black bucket. Then, as he prepares to swing, a breeze blows the ball forward a bit. As the ball begins to roll, Leon swings away and successfully makes contact before watching it sail towards the pail.


Leon opens his mouth wide, does a 180, carefully lowers the club and bolts inside. Chris gasps, then lets out a laugh.

“Iv had to cut an old club down so Leon can have a go, hes been trying for days luckily i managed to video his first one. Look at his reaction,” Chris tweeted.

Leon, just don’t forget that the round of milk is on you now.

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