Golf Channel leaving its longtime Orlando headquarters: ‘This was not a shocker’

February 29, 2020

So long, Studio AP?

Golf Channel is abandoning its longtime headquarters in Orlando, Fla., and will reportedly be relocating to Stamford, Conn.

The move was first reported in a tweet from No Laying UpThe Big Lead also reported the move to Connecticut, though exactly which staffers will be relocated and when is unclear.

Golf Channel is part of the NBC Sports Group, which maintains headquarters in Stamford.

The network would only confirm to GOLF.com that it is relocating “some” of its media operations to “new locations.”

“Our aim is to be as transparent as possible with our employees,” Golf Channel said in a statement. “Therefore as we began this process we informed teams today that some of our media operations will be transitioning to new locations over the next year or more. Geographic consolidation is a growing and sensible trend across the media industry, and as our business continues to evolve, we’ll continue to look for ways to operate as effectively as possible to deliver world-class coverage to our loyal audiences.”

“This was not a shocker,” said one Golf Channel employee, who spoke to GOLF.com Friday evening on condition of anonymity. “It had been rumored for months so I don’t think many people were surprised. There was no gasping or crying. More just a sense that this is the reality of the media business today.

“I’m sure some people are happy because it means being closer physically to NBC. We haven’t been given any details on staffing. On who gets to go and who doesn’t. They didn’t even begin to get into that. I’m sure there are some people who have carved out a nice life in Florida and would like to stay. There are others who would be pretty happy to be up there and having the New York Times slapping down on the doorstep every morning.”

Golf Channel is available to nearly 500 million viewers in nearly 80 countries. The network celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this year.

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