Giant Alligator Roams Golf Course in Florida

May 30, 2016

Golf is hard enough. Add a gator into the mix, and it’s downright dangerous.

Spotted crossing the fairway at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida, this massive gator surprised a group out for an afternoon round. Charles Helms, 56, was on the third hole when he saw the beast and said there was stunned silence between the golfers on the scene. Helms pulled out his phone and began to record. When asked why, Helms said, “A better question might be how can you not record it?”

“It is very common to see alligators on a Florida golf course and they’re typically not a threat to golfers,” Helms said. “Wild alligators are shy and will not bother you unless you provoke it or corner it so it feels threatened.”

The other brave character in the video footage is David Matos from nearby Parrish, Florida.

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“He was at a pretty safe distance,” Helms said. “This alligator was so large he would only move slowly about 100 feet at a time before having to lie down and rest so he probably wasn’t in as much danger as it may have appeared. An alligator expert may refute that; I’m just going on what I have been told.”

Check out the footage below, and stay safe out there.