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Florida governor wants Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson to ‘do the golf’ on TV

April 15, 2020

Over the next few weeks and months, it seems, much of the professional sporting schedule will be put back in place.

It follows much debate on what is safe, if fans should be allowed on the grounds, or if events should be staged at all. Frankly, it’s a confusing topic, and that was never more apparent than during Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference Wednesday morning.

DeSantis rules over one of golfiest states in the nation, where the last PGA Tour tournament was played. Florida is also the rumored host-state of the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady-Peyton Manning golf match for charity. The Florida governor thinks sports are important — even essential — right now, but he showed just how little he might know about golf.

“If NASCAR does a race and can televise it, without large crowds, I think that’s a good thing,” DeSantis said. “I’d like to see Woods and Mickelson do the golf, or whatever, because that’s social distance.”

Do the golf. Do. The. Golf.

DeSantis clearly isn’t clued in on golf’s nomenclature. We don’t do the golf. We play golf.

“You wouldn’t have a gallery there, you wouldn’t have crowds,” DeSantis continued. ”But to put that on TV, I think people have been starved for content.”

He’s at least correct about that. Golf fans are starved for content, and with the original Masters week now passed, we’re stuck either rewatching old Masters broadcasts or waiting for the Tour to return. In the meantime, hopefully Tiger an Phil can play the golf soon.

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