Q&A: ANWA champ Jennifer Kupcho reflects on the win that changed her life

Jennifer Kupcho

Jennifer Kupcho won the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur in 2019.

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The LPGA young gun got a career jump when she won the 2019 Augusta National Women’s Am. The tourney returns this month — sans a lucky pro.

GOLF: What’s the one part of the final round of the 2019 ANWA that sticks out most to you in your mind?

Jennifer Kupcho: Probably walking up to the first tee. I don’t usually get jitters on the first tee, but I was definitely nervous because there were so many people there.

G: Was it difficult to pull the trigger on that first drive?

JK: Yeah, a little bit. I was up there with Maria [Fassi], and because we’re friends that calmed me down a little bit.

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By: Josh Berhow

G: Other than the elevation changes at Augusta, what’s the one thing that someone who’s never been there doesn’t quite appreciate about the course?

JK: Just how perfect it is everywhere. There are no leaves, like, anywhere. The grass is perfect. There are no flaws on the entire golf course. It’s kinda crazy.

G: In terms of visibility and your ability to secure sponsorships, how would you value the win?

JK: It helped me a lot, because it really got my name out there. The win allowed me to be comfortable financially, with the help of sponsors, when I started my pro career.

G: Who was the most surprising person to reach out to you after you won?

JK: I had a couple. One was Fred Couples, who my parents have always been huge fans of, so it was really special. I was like, “Oh my gosh. He just texted me. This is so cool!” Ian Poulter also reached out. For two Tour pros to reach out to someone who was not even on the LPGA Tour yet, I was just, Wow. This is a crazy big deal. I had no idea PGA golfers were watching this.

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