This is ANWA champ Jennifer Kupcho’s go-to on-course snack (and why)

Jennifer Kupcho reacts after winning at Augusta.

Long days on the golf course call for smart pre- and mid-round snacks. Certain foods and drinks have proven to be better for performance than others, and most pro golfers have their go-tos.

Rickie Fowler goes with protein balls, Bryson DeChambeau famously downs protein shakes and Tiger Woods, the defending Masters champ, has his crunchy peanut butter and banana sandwiches. And with a nod to the 2020 Masters just weeks away, with its rare November date, it seemed like a good time to check in with another pro who made history at Augusta National last year — Jennifer Kupcho.

Kupcho battled Maria Fassi in the inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur last April, which came a year after she won the NCAA title. Her go-to course fuel? Simple. And useful. A banana.

“I grew up always having some kind of fruit,” Kupcho said. “And bananas were always my favorite because they filled me up and lasted me a while in the round.”

Kupcho, who turned pro in May 2019 and is now ranked 21st in the world, said she snacked on a banana during her epic final round of the ANWA, too. There’s never a specific time she reaches for one from her bag, but it’s long been her go-to. According to Jaclyn London, WW’s head of nutrition & wellness, MS, RD, CDN, it’s a smart move.

London says it’s important for golfers to have snacks that have complex carbs, protein and some healthy fat. Bananas are perfect to provide energy.

“I typically recommend having a meal or snack around every 3-4 hours,” London said. “This means you’ll want to have at least two snacks or mini-meals on hand to keep your energy stable without feeling so full that you want to lay down for a nap in the middle.”

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