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Eddie Pepperell: The big mistake golfers make when they film their swing

September 18, 2019

Lots of golfers video their golf swing. It’s never been easier. You might even do it every time you hit the range, if you’re a golf swing nerd like myself, and it can be an incredibly helpful way to improve your game — as long as you do it correctly.

But there are many ways to incorrectly film your golf swing beyond simply placing the camera in the wrong spot, as outspoken European Tour player Eddie Pepperell discussed during this interesting GOLF Monthly video filmed earlier this year.

There is a lot interesting stuff within the interview, so I’d recommend watching it in its entirety, but the most interesting portion came around the 4-minute mark when Pepperell explains the importance of good “flow.” And why to help improve your flow, you should never watch your golf swing in slow motion — only in full speed.

“In slow motion you don’t get any sense of the flow. And what I mean by flow is ‘sequence’. You look at the best players in the world, players like Adam Scott, you can still tell when on TV when he hits a good shot or a bad shot. I bet positionally, it’s hardly different at all. The difference is the sequence and the flow.”

A little tip from one of the most colorful players in tour. Watch your swing at full speed for the best ‘flow’. So simple, and so helpful.