Dimple Design Helps This Car Cut Through the Wind 

December 8, 2016

The tiny white Titleists you drive down the fairway (or rough) are designed with dimples for a reason. They help the ball fly better through the air.

With that in mind, the Corbin Sparrow is back and better than ever. Enter the Sparrow 2. The Sparrow car that debuted decades ago has a new golf-themed design, with dimples cut into the rear side of the car, according to a report from NewAtlas.com.

To the man making it possible, Mike Corbin, the dimples are considered “turbulators” that allow the car to slip easier through the wind. Add it all up across the back end of the zero-emissions car, and the three-wheel battery-charged machine can travel up to 80 miles on one charge.

Check out a full gallery of the car here.