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Danielle Kang’s Solheim Cup goal? Take souls and produce tears

September 10, 2019

The 16th Solheim Cup kicks off Friday at Gleneagles in Scotland, with Juli Inkster’s American team looking to win for a third straight time. With Danielle Kang as one of their leaders, the ferocity of the event will not change this year.

Kang recently joined the Drop Zone Podcast for a discussion on many things, one of them being the Solheim Cup and how much she adores match play. As a Tour that consistently trots out single-player stroke-play events, the Solheim Cup — like the Ryder Cup — is one of just a few opportunities for a pro to beat another single player head-on. And in Kang’s case, perhaps produce some tears.

“You’re trying to take souls, you know,” Kang said with a smile. “You’re going there to make people cry at this point, just crush the other team. That’s the fun of it. We don’t ever get to do that. We’re always alone. We’re always by ourselves, playing for us and our caddie and our own little team.

“To have another person to understand what you feel when you hit a bad shot and to do it together, I just think that’s pretty incredible.”

Kang won three of her four matches at the 2017 event, which saw the Americans dominate to the tune of 16.5-11.5. One of those matches came with teammate Lizette Salas, who Kang desperately wants to reunite with again this week.

Will there be tears? Souls taken? You’ll have to tune in. As Dylan Dethier and I discuss in the podcast below, golf fans need to watch the Solheim Cup. Those who commit to consuming the Ryder Cup have no excuse. The best players in the world playing the same format under the same pressure for the same stakes.

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