WATCH: Colt Knost’s reaction to a broken Bryson DeChambeau driver shaft is priceless

April 29, 2019

Golf equipment breaks; it happens. Sometimes from overuse, other times from slamming a club into the ground. But not everyday do you see professional golfers accidentally step on their own clubs and break them.

On Monday in Dallas, an Instagram video from musician Kelley James made it appear that Colt Knost accidentally stepped on Bryson DeChambeau’s custom driver and snapped the shaft off. (And if there’s anything we know about DeChambeau, he’s particular with his gear.) Knost even tried putting the shaft back onto DeChambeau’s brand-new custom-made driver. Knost’s reaction to the incident was priceless (and also includes some NSFW language).

“What just happened?!” Knost says to DeChambeau, as he comes over to assess the damage. “I don’t know what happened!” says DeChambeau, who is equally as stunned.

Knost later set the story straight by commenting on’s Instagram post: “It was laying on [the] ground behind him and I went to pick it up and he stepped backwards right on the shaft as I picked it up and it snapped. Ask @brysondechambeau”

A number of golfers circled to see the damage inflicted on the driver. Not surprisingly, it caused quite a laugh among the group. But fortunately, DeChambeau didn’t seem to be upset about the broken club.

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