WATCH: Charles Barkley hilariously shanks number of tee shots during 2019 Black Masters

May 7, 2019

Charles Barkley is a natural entertainer. He was as entertaining as they come during his Hall of Fame basketball career, and his ability to make people laugh has continued during his successful broadcasting career with Turner Sports. Well, Barkley’s ability to amuse the public extends to the golf course too.

In fact, Sir Charles is just like many of us on the links: he struggles from off the tee. And it was on full display during the 2019 Black Masters, an invite-only celebrity golf tournament that was started last year by TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew of host Ernie Johnson, Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, and Chuck himself.

The event, which is played on the Legends Course at Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia, includes a plethora of former professional athletes and good friends of one of the most entertaining and popular studio shows in sports.

Not surprisingly, Barkley’s struggles were the most entertaining part of the tournament. He shanked a number of his tee shots during his round, something that almost any golf hack can relate to. Watch for yourself here.

Despite his struggles, Chuck handles it with professionalism and class. Well, outside of that one tee shot that appears to find the water. And of course, we’re treated to Barkley’s infamous swing hitch at the end of the clip. But he just goes about his round as if everything is normal without letting his bad shots get the best of him.

Fortunately for Chuck, not all of his shots were bad.

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