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WATCH: Bubba Watson hits lefty and righty to conquer a ‘problem’ in golf

April 5, 2020

The problem with throwing a golf ball onto a roof — you know, besides throwing a golf ball onto a roof — is that the ball could go any which way once it lands.

Bubba Watson’s golf balls from the roof go straight and far. And go straight and far from two angles.

With the PGA Tour on hiatus due to the coronavirus, Watson broke down on his social media feeds the talk-into-a-camera-and-throw-a-golf-ball-onto-a-roof-and-watch-it-come-back-down-before-hitting-it shot.

He starts with the throw while filming at the outdoor driving range at the Pensacola Golf Center in Florida, which Watson part-owns.

“Problem with throwing it on the roof is you never know what kind of bounce you’re going to get,” Watson said. “So it’s always the hard. We know this.”

After the word “roof,” the left-handed swinging Watson hits the ball with a fairway wood.

“But then I thought about, ‘Hey, you know what, it’s pretty simple left-handed — anybody can do that,’ ” Watson said. “So then I thought about, ‘Hey, let’s throw it up, get a right-handed club, you know what, let’s see if we can hit it that way.’ ”

He hits a ball right-handed with an iron — an ambidextrous move a few other pros have performed during the break.

“And we did it,” he said. “So what I’m saying is, you’re welcome, everybody.”

At “so,” he caps his instruction with a club flip.

Later in the week at the Pensacola Golf Center, Watson posted about a video about stinger shots. Or “stungers.”

“We don’t sting it no more,” he said. “Nobody stings the ball anymore. We’re stungers. We’re going to stung it.”

He then hits a “stunger” into a yellow bucket in the range.

“Yeah, we stung the bucket,” he said. “That’s what we do. We stung it.”

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