WATCH: Bubba Watson crushes a driver from a fairway bunker

Bubba Watson's ball is teed up perfectly in the bunker, which calls for a driver.

Don’t replace your divots. 

At least if they fall into a fairway bunker.

On a TikTok video released this week, Bubba Watson showed the potential. His golf ball was resting atop a patch of grass inside a trap. 

“So look what happened. There’s a guy in front of me who took a divot,” Watson said on the video, posted by Gabe Sauer, an instructor at Watson’s Pensacola Golf Center in Florida. “So I’m going in here.”

Watson did so with a driver in hand. 

“Yeah, that is a very fortunate break,” Sauer said as he filmed.

It was a shot-into-a-fairway-bunker-and-was-now-perfectly-teed-up-on-a-divot-that-had-not-been-replaced-or-removed-earlier fortunate.

“At a Tour event, you get the driver out,” Watson said. 

He got the driver out. 

“And you just smoke it,” he said. 

Watson smoked it.

“Wow, hammered,” Sauer said. 

How were you able to pull it off, Bubba? 

“Easy, all you got to do is hit it right on that divot every time,” he said. 

Or maybe – just maybe – fortunate wasn’t the right word. 

“Just fun and games #golf #neverfitin #fun #lucky #bubba #fy #fyp#foryou #foryoupage,” Sauer wrote as a caption on the video.  

Nick Piastowski

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