Reckless golfer doesn’t even flinch as alligator walks right through his shot

October 22, 2019

True story: I once played in a junior golf tournament that declared an entire bunker Ground Under Repair because there was an alligator hanging out in there that refused to move. We were all pretty pleased about it at the time, because there wasn’t one of us who had the slightest desire to walk into that bunker and navigate the alligator within.

The below golfer would’ve had no such problems, because he apparently has no fear.

As you can see below, a rather large alligator casually makes its way through his line of sight with the green (quite rude, actually) but amazingly, this golfer doesn’t seem to care at all. He hardly misses a beat, walking up to his ball and stripes a wedge without a second thought — directly over the gator.

You have to respect it. Give it a watch: