Billy Horschel: ‘I’m not speaking out to create controversy’

April 25, 2017

Billy Horschel has always been a likable guy on Tour, but he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

Horschel, who will tee it up at the Zurich Classic this week, the site of his first career PGA Tour win in 2013, has long been one of the most outspoken players in the game. He most notably ripped the USGA on the condition of the greens at the 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay, but he asserts that many other Tour pros are simply hesitant to say what they’re thinking.

The 2014 Fed Ex Cup champion recently sat down for an exclusive interview with’s Ryan Asselta ahead of the Zurich Classic.

“Unfortunately we live in a world now, just not in golf, but the world in general, that you’re sort of looked down upon if you have a different view than someone else,” Horschel said. “They hate you. They try to discourage you in every possible way.”

Horschel says that while many of his fellow pros have strong opinions, they largely choose to air them in private. When Horschel speaks his mind, he says he’s often misunderstood and disrespected.

“When I speak out about a golf course, or a rule, I don’t think people respect me in the sense of where I’m coming from with this,” the three-time PGA Tour winner said. “And I’m not just saying it to create controversy, I’m saying it because there’s a true meaning behind it.”

You can watch the full interview below.