Augusta National’s famous members: The powerful people behind the Masters

Scottie Scheffler, Fred Ridley

Scottie Scheffler and Fred Ridley last year after Scheffler's Masters win.

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Scottie Scheffler is the Masters defending champion, but even he knows the rules. 

In a pre-Masters press conference a few weeks back, he was asked whom he had shared a locker with at Augusta National during a recent practice round — and he asked an official if he could divulge. (He couldn’t.) Scheffler was asked whom he had played with that day, and he said his coach, his dad — and a member whose name he couldn’t reveal. He was also asked about his menu for his Champions Dinner — and he again asked an official for permission. (This time, he was free to talk.) 

Scheffler was then asked this: “You seem very concerned about revealing information about the Masters. Just how strict are they with you?”

“Yeah, I’ve never gotten in trouble, but that’s probably because I’m pretty cautious,” he said, laughing.

And that segues us into one of golf’s oddities. While Augusta National is one of the game’s best-known courses, few know more than little of the private club, outside of what we see each April, either through TV, or ticket, should we be so lucky to gain entrance. The green jackets keep things close to the vest. 

Especially info on other green jackets. 

But there are ways to track down Augusta’s membership. In 2002, USA Today got its hands on the complete list of 300. And in 2015, Bloomberg did some wonderful legwork and confirmed 118 names. Of course, if you’re at the Masters, you can also introduce yourself to a green jacket — they walk the grounds decked out in the article of clothing given upon being accepted.  

With that, here then is a partial list of Augusta National’s members. It includes various businessmen, politicians and sports-world personalities.

Notable businessmen 

Warren Buffett 
Pete Coors 
Stanley Druckenmiller
Bill Gates
Hugh L. McColl Jr.
Darla Moore
Samuel Palmisano
T. Boone Pickens 
James D. Robinson III
Ginni Rometty
Warren Stephens
Dirk Ziff 

Political world 

Samuel Nunn, former Georgia senator 
Condoleeza Rice, former secretary of state 

Sports world

Michael Bonallack, golfer
Jack Burke Jr., golfer 
Jimmy Dunne, Seminole Golf Club president, PGA Tour official, businessman
Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner 
Pat Haden, former football player, former USC athletic director
John Harris, golfer 
Lou Holtz, former college football coach
Peyton Manning, former football player 
Terry McGuirk, chairman of the Atlanta Braves 
Diana Murphy, former USGA president 
Jack Nicklaus, golfer
Lynn Swann, NFL hall of famer

Masters marker 

Jeff Knox 
Michael McDermott 

(It was widely reported last year that McDermott became the new Masters marker — the man who would play should there be an odd number of players to make the cut — relieving Knox, who has had the role since 2002.) 

Augusta National Chairman 

Fred Ridley 
Billy Payne 

(Ridley replaced Payne as chairman in 2017.) 

All former champions are also honorary members. 

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