Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston strips down to skivvies at Nordea Masters

August 18, 2018

Professional golfers are sometimes required to go to great lengths to execute the shots they attempt. And occasionally, those lengths include stripping down to your underwear in front of a gallery full of people. (Who could forget Henrik Stenson’s infamous disrobing at Doral in 2009, or more recently, Justin Rose’s own underwear moment this year in New Orleans)?

Such was the case for Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston at the Nordea Masters on Friday, when, after hitting his ball into a hazard, his ensuing muddy lie necessitated a change into his rain pants.

Luckily, Beef is no shrinking violet, and he decided to make the change right then and there, with the gallery cheering him on.

Someone get this guy a Fruit of the Loom sponsorship, stat!

You can watch the entire scene in all its entertaining glory below.