The advice Bryson got from a long drive champ to get more distance

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau, the PGA Tour’s longest driver, had a stock average of 325 yards with his driver in 2020, according to GolfTV. Kyle Berkshire, winner of six world Long Drive events, including last year’s world championship, had a stock average of 360 yards with his.

The gap might close. 

Thanks to Berkshire. 

DeChambeau spent the past week or so with Berkshire and golf social media sensation Garrett Clark. They worked out in DeChambeau’s home in Dallas. They hit balls, tried trick shots and FaceTimed with an Avenger, Chris Pratt. They hit balls into DeChambeau’s simulator. There, in a video shared by Clark, Berkshire, with an iron, hit 118 ball speed. Then 126. Then 130. DeChambeau, with an iron, hit 106. 

“I just don’t know how to produce a speed. I feel like I’m strong enough to be able to make these motions,” said DeChambeau, who, over the past year, has added about 40 pounds in order to add more distance. 

Berkshire said DeChambeau would “have no problem getting there in a year.” His tips? “Right now, what I’d like for you to do is don’t be afraid to come more off the ball,” Berkshire said. “Don’t be afraid to shift off and then shift through. And, like, the other thing I would say: Be more patient from the top; let that completely load. Be patient and let the speed come.”

DeChambeau hit 114.   

Then 116. 

“See, speed is easy,” Berkshire said. 

Then 119. 

Then 120. 

“Speed from the wrist comes with patience,” Berkshire said. “Like, that’s important, you know. I think the one thing I’m gifted at is the ability to tone your wrists at the right time. Like, I want to see if I get 140. I bet you get 140.”

Berkshire hit 134 

Then 139. 

Then 140.4 

“I think I have another 5 or 6 [mph] in the tank, honestly,” Berkshire said. 

DeChambeau then hit a few more.  

“Tell you what. This guy’s going to be a monster,” Berkshire said.  

“Mean, I hope so,” DeChambeau said.  

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