Long drive champion hits a different kind of distance mark

Kyle Berkshire

Kyle Berkshire's longest drive in competition is 492 yards.

Christian Hafer

Kyle Berkshire has won six world Long Drive events, including last year’s world championship. His longest drive in competition is 492 yards. He can hit it horizontally.

He can hit it vertically, too. 

“Here’s one of the highest shots I’ve ever hit!” Berkshire recently wrote on his Instagram account next to a video of the drive. “Nearly 300 feet in the air with a hang-time of around 10 seconds.”

Nearly 300 feet in the air. Or about 100 yards from tee to cloud. 

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By: Kyle Berkshire, Reigning World Long Drive Champion

Berkshire swung at the ball at the Drive Shack range in West Palm Beach, Fla. He stood and watched. He could have swung at a few more balls. From launch until landing, the ball was in the air for 14.5 seconds. 

The ball had a max height of 270 feet, according to a Drive Shack monitor. It carried 224 yards and traveled another four. The ball speed was 169 mph, and the launch angle was 27.9 degrees. 

The ball might not have fallen onto a green. 

More into. 

“Would love to see the pitch-mark this shot left,” he wrote. 

Bryson DeChambeau, the PGA Tour’s long drive champ, liked the post.     

You can watch the drive here.   

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