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Listen to Adam Scott analyze his own beautiful golf swing

December 22, 2019

Adam Scott has one of the most beautiful swings in golf. Ask most recreational golfers who their favorite swing on tour is, and he’d likely be their pick. But it’s not all style; underlying all that swagger is superb technique. It’s an elite golf swing from any angle, and now, thanks to his Australian PGA Championship win, we get to hear him talk us through it, in his own words.

Here are the two things he had to say about it.

1. Backswing

“It looks good at the top. For me, I just like to see that clubface pointing a little bit towards the sky…a little closed. It’s a little bit long, so I can probably work on that.”

2. Impact

“At impact it looks good. I’m clearing a lot better than I was 18 months ago through the ball. I’m much more down through the ball. It was really just a posture change and after a while it was sunken-in and looks better.”

Watch the full clip below: